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February 2016

When proteins don't work - use thinkpeptides!

April 2015

Where do you thinkpeptides; request your free T-shirt for our 2015 competition!

February 2015

thinkpeptides used to study HTLV-1 viro-immunology

November 2014

Limited time offer, 25% off custom peptides

October 2014

Why use thinkpeptides? Because it gives you freedom!

September 2014

Epitope map of Israeli Acute Paralysis Virus could help save declining honey bees

July 2014

Researchers investigate novel tumour suppressor peptides using thinkpeptides

April 2014

Make sure you have downloaded our eBook: Working with Peptides

March 2014

We can help you design your peptide libraries

January 2014

When you next need peptides, thinkpeptides

November 2013

ProMix™ Peptide Pools: Smart immunology from thinkpeptides


thinkpeptides is a brand of ProImmunee