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Custom Peptides

thinkpeptides delivers custom peptides at excellent value and rapid turnaround for any requirement, large or small. All our custom peptides come with full LC and MS quality control.

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Whether you need specialist modifications, purified peptide libraries, pooled peptide mixes or standard custom synthesis, we deliver at great prices, wherever you are.

We focus on peptides for research. This enables us to work harder to make our range of custom peptide products more relevant to your research needs, and allows us to offer you better application support.

Our support team of Ph.D. biochemists and immunologists will assist you to choose the best options for your application, and can advise you on assay strategy.

Alongside standard custom peptide synthesis and an extensive range of modification options, we offer a wide range of custom peptide libraries.

Prospector™ Custom Peptide Libraries can be used to investigate immune responses in detail or can provide an efficient method for screening the activity of a large number of peptides in an application.

ProArray™ Peptide Microarrays are ideal for high throughput sequence mapping of protein-protein interactions.

ProMix™ pre-mixed, purified, overlapping peptides from a single protein are ideal for measuring T cell response to an antigen when stimulation with the whole antigen is not appropriate.

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thinkpeptides is a brand of ProImmune