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Custom peptides play a key role in search for cancer therapy

FAM-labeled peptides used for epitope characterization in fluorescence polarization assays

Professor Arun RishiArun Rishi, Professor at the John D. Dingell VA Medical Center, Wayne State University in Detroit, USA, has been using thinkpeptides custom peptides in his research to study functions of the apoptosis-associated protein CARP-1, with the ultimate aim of developing small-molecule compounds as cancer therapeutics.

Almost ten years ago, Professor Rishi identified CARP-1 (cell cycle and apoptosis regulatory protein-1, also known as CCAR1) as a novel mediator of chemotherapy as well as a retinoid-induced cell death signalling in a number of cancer cell types, including breast carcinoma. With such a promising target in his hands, Professor Rishi was keen to develop his findings into novel cancer treatment agents. He realised that binding partners were key to the activity of CARP-1, since depending on context, CARP-1 can either inhibit or promote the growth of cancer cells.

Work in the Rishi laboratory is now centred on characterizing the epitopes within CARP-1 capable of mediating binding to its interaction partners, and then seeking small-molecule mimetics of these binding partners which could potentially act as therapeutic compounds. Professor Rishi uses a sophisticated fluorescence polarization assay to screen libraries of small molecules for binding to fluorescently labeled peptides derived from CARP-1. The quality of the peptide he uses in these experiments is paramount, and so he turned to thinkpeptides when he was looking for a new and reliable supplier.

Professor Rishi commented, "I have been consistently impressed by the customer service I received from thinkpeptides, as well as the quality of their products. They pay great attention to detail regarding my shipping requirements, are very easy to talk to, and are always very professional. I will certainly continue to order my peptides from thinkpeptides".


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