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Interpreting the information supplied with your peptide

You will receive two quality control traces with your custom peptide, a mass spectrometry (MS) trace and a high performance liquid chromatography (HPLC) trace.

MS traces

MS traces are used to confirm the molecules present after a peptide synthesis reaction.

Your MS trace should look similar to the one shown above for SIINFEKL peptide. The largest peak corresponds to the major ion species created from your peptide in the mass spectrometer. The value assigned to it should be close (within 1Da) to the calculated molecular weight for your peptide.

HPLC traces

HPLC traces are used to confirm the purity of your peptide.


The area under the major peak corresponds to the percentage purity. In the example shown on the right, for the same SIINFEKL peptide described by the MS trace above, SIINFEKL accounts for 96.88 of the peptide species in the sample. In other words, the peptide is almost 97% pure.





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